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September 27th – Pope and Prophets

Scripture Reflection for the Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary time . . .

First Reading: Numbers 11:25-29

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 19: 8,10,12-13,14

Second Reading: James 5:1-6

Gospel: Mark 9: 38-48

From the First Reading, Numbers, we hear Moses proclaim, “Would that all the people of the Lord were prophets! Would that the Lord might bestow his spirit on them all!”

During this week of the World Meeting of Families and the excitement of welcoming Pope Francis to the United States, we can easily imagine him making this same proclamation.

Are we ready to hear such words?  Are we open to listening to the Spirit which we have already received in our Baptism and Confirmation? Do we have the courage to speak to the reality of our times, like St. James in the Second Reading? Are we willing to admit our weakness and sinfulness with humility so we and others may find freedom, as Jesus suggests in the Gospel?

The Scriptures this week invite us to be prophets of truth – the truth of ourselves, the reality of the world at this time, the truth of God’s love for all people and creation.  “Your word, O Lord, is truth; consecrate us in the truth” (Alleluia verse, John 17: 17).

In our lives as Sisters of the Holy Redeemer . . .

We ask ourselves, how have we been open to the Spirit and the call to be prophets this past week?  Where have we noticed the prophetic voice of others?

At the beginning of the week, several of us attended a Mass and picnic to celebrate the lives of the Amigos de Jesus, children finding a home at an orphanage in Honduras.  Many generous people have listened to the call of the Spirit to give of their time, resources and love to provide for the needs of children who have experienced poverty, abuse, abandonment.  The children are prophets in themselves, reminding us that we must be like children to enter the Kingdom of God – our true home.

Tuesday marked the beginning of the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia!  Since this is in our city,  several of us have been able to experience the wonderful diversity and many expressions of the Church and the one Spirit that draws us together in the unity of God’s love.  We also have the gift to provide hospitality to a few of the visitors who are attending this week’s festivities.  We anticipate the arrival of Pope Francis who challenges us to live our faith, to enter into the world to be with the people, to care for the most vulnerable, to go make a difference.

welcome pope sign

On this note, our postulant, Petra, departed for Germany on Thursday to be with the many people who are on the way, seeking refuge at our Motherhouse.  You can journey with them by following her blog, Archipelago of Mercy.

refugee prayer image 2

In your life . . .

We invite you to notice the workings of the Holy Spirit:

Can you name someone in your life or in the world who speaks words that are uncomfortable but yet you know are filled with truth?

Can you name a time when you spoke up for someone or some cause? How were you empowered to do so?

May the Spirit be with you!  Blessings on your week.