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December 20th – Almost there

Scripture Reflection. . .

The 4th Candle on the Advent Wreath is now lit, declaring we are almost there.  Since Thursday the Gospel readings have been from the First Chapter of Matthew and of Luke. These verses contain the events leading up to the birth of Jesus: the genealogy or family tree of Jesus, Joseph’s dream, Zechariah’s vision in the Temple, and today’s Gospel, the visitation of Mary and Elizabeth.

4th week of Advent

We are caught up into these events as we await with expectation the celebration of Christmas – the time is almost here! And we are invited into the story, for this is our “family tree.” We are invited into belief, joy, and peace even in the midst of our doubts and confusion. Let us be open to the voice of Love, “do not be afraid . . . God is with us” Emmanuel! Then let us run to each other and share this joy.

In our lives as Sisters of the Holy Redeemer . . .

We reflect on the events of this past week that reveal to us that the time is almost here:

Christmas parties abound throughout our ministries and facilities.

Sister Ellen helping serve a holiday meal
Sister Ellen helping serve a holiday meal

Decorating nears completion and the first Poinsettias appear.


Christmas cookies are baked, tasted and proven worthy of packing.

Two of our Sisters entered into retreat making this an extra special time of preparation.

We celebrated the birthday of one of our Sisters – and Pope Francis – on December 17th.  8 days until Jesus’ birthday!

In Your life . . .

As you enter into this 4th week of Advent perhaps you will set aside a few quiet moments so you can listen to the voice of Love.

You may wish to read over today’s Gospel of Luke 1:39 – 45. What have been the moments of joy on your Advent journey towards Christmas? Is there anyone you feel invited to visit or call? Is there anyone who may be grateful for a joyful greeting? Take the next step – you’re almost there.

You might want to look up the song, “Almost There” by Micheal W. Smith.