February 28th – God of the now

Scripture Reflection . . .

The Scripture Readings for the Third Sunday of Lent are quite rich this week.  This reflection will focus on the way in which God describes, God’s self “I am who am” (Exodus 3:1-15).

I am.  Not “I was”. Not “I will be.”

The present moment is the “holy ground.”  And only if we are living in the now will we notice the burning bush and want to get closer – go deeper.

burning bush

Perhaps this is why, in the Gospel, the gardener insists that the fig tree not be cut down but be fertilized and tended (Luke 13:1 – 9).  The past 3 years of the tree’s barrenness don’t matter.  The gardener sees the tree in the present moment with all the potential any tree has.

All we have is the present moment, so the readings don’t come without a cry to be attentive to how we are living.  Jesus is stern, ‘But I tell you, if you do not repent, you will all perish as they did!” (Luke 13).  And St. Paul in his First Letter to the Corinthians, warns, “Therefore, whoever thinks he is standing secure should take care not to fall” (10: 1 – 12).

The heart of the call to conversion that is the focus of Lent, may be just this:  Live the present moment attentive to the presence of God in the people and circumstances around you.  Let go of all that holds you in the past or makes you anxious about the future.

presnet moment

In our Lives as Sisters of The Holy Redeemer . . .

We reflect how we have experienced the presence of God in the present moment.

Three Sisters and our Postulant shared their experience of accompanying the Guests staying at our Motherhouse in Germany where the Sisters are providing a safe place for the many people who have become refugees. We see God and the needs of people in the present time.

Refugee ministry presentation

refugee ministry

Sisters and newer members participated in the annual Formation Retreat at the New Jersey Shore. The weekend offered times to be still and be together with God and each other in the present moment.

Formation Weekend

During this past week Sisters participated in a various Lenten retreats and presentations as a way to be present to this season and God’s invitation to continual conversion and transformation.


We recall the various unexpected encounters with people that we would have missed if we weren’t attentive to the present moment.  We also admit that we probably missed many experiences as well. This brings us remember anew our need for God’s grace ever at work in our lives.


In Your Life . . .

Are you holding on to something that happened in the past? Name it. Let it go.  God is not there

Are you anxious about something that might happen in the future?  Name it.  Let it go.  God is not there.

Notice the present moment.  The experience of today.  God is here.

You may wish to pray the Responsorial Psalm, Psalm 103, as a Mantra throughout your day:

“The Lord is Kind and Merciful.”  

Blessings on you and your week!