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March 6th – The Parable of the Beloved Son

Scripture Reflection . . .

This week’s post is an expert from the homily of one our priest chaplains , based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son from the Gospel of Luke (15: 1 -32) .  Thank you, Fr. Tim Judge.

“A meditation for this week:  to see the Parable of the Prodigal Son in a different light, or a parallel parable, if you will.  See Jesus as the Beloved Son, rather than the Prodigal Son.

In the Incarnation, Jesus flows out from the Eternal Source, from the House of His Abba – setting into motion a faith-filled journey of Salvation.

The Beloved Son knows he is free to leave the protection and safety of Abba’s house and travel into a distant country, a country of suffering and sin, even lying in a pig sty.  He longs to seek out and find those who have lost their way, like sheep that stray from the Shepherds watch.

The Beloved Son brings the wealth of the Father’s love and mercy.  He is not about himself but only wants to follow the example of the Abba – to go out of himself, to live for others, to empty himself through love.  And he brings with hime to his Abba’s house all the lost and weary.

On this Latare, Rejoice Sunday, as we draw near to holy week, we reflect, is he not the Beloved Son who was wounded; was lost and was found; who was dead and has come back to life?!

Image at our Altar during Lent "Jesus, God's face of mercy"
Image at our Altar during Lent                              “Jesus Christ, God’s face of mercy”


Blessings on you and your week!