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October 2nd – Light in darkness

Scripture Reflection . . .

In today’s First Reading we hear Habakkuk crying out about the injustice and God’s apparent silence “How long, O Lord? I cry for help but you do not listen! I cry out to you, ‘Violence!’ But you do not intervene “(Habakkuk 1:2).

St. Paul in the Second Reading encourages Timothy (and all of us) to keep alive the flame of faith in the midst of fear and hardships. “Take as your norm the sound words that you heard from me, in the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus. Guard this rich trust with the help of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us” (2 Timothy 1:13-14).

In the Gospel, the disciples say to Jesus, “Increase our faith.” To which he responds, “If you had faith the size of a mustard seed . . .” (Luke 17: 5-10). Then Jesus goes on to tell about the duties of a servant who does what he is obliged to do, not expecting more.


From these readings it appears that faith is not about quantity or size. Perhaps it is about continuing on in the darkness of struggles, injustice and tedious tasks of each day trusting in God’s presence and love. In response to Habakkuk’s despair, God speaks, “For the vision still has time, presses on to fulfillment and will not disappoint; if it delays, wait for it, it will surely come, it will not be late” (Habakkuk 2:2-4). Faith implies that we are listening, waiting for a response because we trust God does hear us and is with us. When it is dark the smallest light is visible, whereas if it were light all around us we would not see that one tiny light. Sometimes when we are in a dark place this is the time when our faith deepens. This is when the light that is God is more visible.  Sometimes it is just a tiny glow in the embers, or a spark. But these have the power to start a blazing flame.

In Our Lives as Sisters of The Holy Redeemer . . .

There were many experiences that stirred the flame of faith in us this week.

A few of us were on our annual Retreat until Tuesday. This week of silence and prayer provided time to be with Jesus. Sometimes retreat can be an experience of light or darkness. Either way we believe it is a grace-filled experience.

The Blessing of a newly renovated unit in one of our ministries took place on Friday. This space will soon welcome elderly individuals experiencing the darkness of behavioral health complications. Belief in their dignity as human beings and as God’s beloved children is the reason behind this expansion.


The 60th Jubilee celebration of our Sr. Sophia graced the day on Saturday. The witness of her faith throughout all the experiences of her life encourage all of us in God’s faithfulness.



We then had the gift of meeting 5 children visiting from an orphanage in Honduras. To see these children so full of life and love is a profound experience of faith. Here we clearly see how faith has moved individuals to reach out to the least to offer food, clothing, shelter, education, healing, and love. Today we celebrated the children and all the generous hearts that support them with Eucharistic Liturgy at our Chapel followed by a picnic.


In Your Life . . .

You may want to recall  a time when you were in despair over your own struggles or the injustice close to home or in the world.  How did this experience effect your faith?

Or do you know someone who has experienced  great challenges in life and yet is a person of deep faith?

Blessings on your week!