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June 10th – Seeing the unseen

Scripture Reflection . . .

Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Reading: Genesis 3:9-15

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 130 “With the Lord there is mercy, and fullness of redemption.”

Second Reading: 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1

Gospel: Mark 3:20-35

Yesterday a father and his young 3-year old daughter were visiting our array of farm animals out behind our chapel when the 10am bells rang and music began to play. At the sound, the little girls clasped her hands together in the gesture of prayer in the midst of her activity. It was a subtle simple gesture and I would have missed it if not for the observation of another Sister.

upon hearing the Second Reading proclaimed during Mass today this experience returned to me; “. . . we look not to what is seen but unseen; for what is seen is transitory, but what is unseen is eternal.”

This little girl appeared to have an insight hidden from us. Somehow in her young years she knew the music was a prayer – it was in reverence to God. This is just one instant in which we get a glimpse into the kingdom of God that is right here among us if we are attuned,

unfortunately much of our attention is consumed by our sense of nakedness or vulnerability as we read in Genesis.  We are anxious and insecure as we struggle with not feeling good enough. We put the blame on others rather than accepting our own weakness.  So much of our energy gets focused on self rather than the God who loves us and we miss the beauty all around.

Jesus in today’s Gospel  invites us to come closer, to notice and see the truth. We are invited become his very sister, brother, and mother!

Choose to see God in everyone and everything and you will!

In Our Lives as Sisters of the Redeemer. . .

It has been several weeks since the last blog. I believe I was on the way to an orphanage in Honduras at last writing. No, I didn’t stay there longer than expected. Although, the simple yet profound presence of God in the children and their caretakers is enough to draw one to stay longer or keep returning.

Since then we have experienced the Liturgical seasons of Easter, Pentecost, Ascension, Holy Trinity, Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.  We have also celebrated our Congregation’s Feast Day, the Jubilees of 3 if our Sisters, a reunion for previous Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers.  All these events and individuals proclaim the unseen yet visible revelation of God – thus Mystery that only faith can comprehend.

Almost immediately upon returning from Honduras, our first baby goats were born and our community garden underwent a re-location and transformation. The invisible work of the seed in darkness of soil has given way to the greening of the garden as seedlings emerge and roots grow stronger and deeper. The slower shorter days of winter have become days bursting with activity from dawn to dusk.  Even though we labor it is clearly God who is the one at work.

In Your Life . . .

We leave you with a hymn we sung today. As you go through this week we invite you to a deeper awareness of God at work in your life, in the lives of others and all of creation. May the Holy Spirit give you this inner vision.

Eye has not Seen By Marty Haugen

Eye has not seen,

ear has not heard what God has ready for those who love him;

Spirit of love, come, give us the mind of Jesus, teach us the wisdom of God.

Blessings on you week!