Prayer Corner

Advent Reflection

Written by Sister Katharina Maria Pies, CSRadvent wreath

Mary, what must have you thought

many years ago

a baby born was proclaimed to you

a savior

living in your womb

How can this be?


I am young

I am poor

I am

not married

not relation with a man

How can this be?


Have mercy on me


A young woman

born in a foreign land

a refugee

left all she knew

her beloved home

in a war torn land

She is pregnat

not married


Can she keep her baby?

a baby living in her womb

loved by her

by her boy friend


She has tears

like Mary

years ago


How can this be?

I am here

coming into their midst



my heart cries out

How blessed am I

have mercy on us


People on the way

longing for mercy

searching for peace

Can we give

what we have?



a Redeemer to be born

am I open enough

to offer Him my life?


Touch my heart

fill my soul

so I can share


my life

my love


How blessed am I

to be on the way

to a promised land

This WaveIMG_0191

Written by Petra Dankova, Canidate with the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer

You woke me up to a dream

of a wave hugging the shore.


Yester-wave seeping gently through the sand

– a memory in the making,

taking with it the footsteps:

the timid ones, the ones,

where I stepped on your toes,

the bold pioneering ones as well.

A new wave is coming

– a part of the same ocean,

and yet, a new creation:

There never was and never will be

one like This.

Aching with anticipation

it rises high and then pours itself out wide

to embrace the Other of the beach.

No future wave can take its shape

until Now lives its encounter with the coast.


Sometimes the relentless ocean scares me:

It never stops to ask if today, I’d rather be a cloud.

The struggle

of yesterday’s pull and tomorrow’s dream;

the wave, my master teacher for Today.


90th Anniversary Prayer

feast day

What for an honor
walking in the footsteps
of beautiful faith filled sisters
who have come
rejoicing in the Lord
Yes, they said
“I will go and bear fruit”
bringing the love and joy
of our Mother Alphonse Maria
born in Jesus our Redeemer

I hear them pray
giving to Jesus everything they know
to be filled
with a missionary love
sealed with their sign of baptism

They went
with the heart of Christ
welcoming everything they did not know
prepared by faith
lived by a longing
to be disciples
sisters of Mother Alphonse Maria

I long to belong
to my sisters
gone before me
Sisters who have given me
courage to say yes
to a life
I did not know

I only knew
God has called me
sealed a fire into my heart
longing to belong
to a community of faith
Led by the Holy Spirit
to start anew
each and every day
leaving behind
what was
to become what is
a new land
a new language
new people
a new mission
to be send forth

I am asked today
to walk in the footsteps
Mother Alphonse Maria
our pioneer sisters
and of Jesus Christ
who calls me his beloved


Written by Sr. Katharina Maria Pies, CSR
Weekend after St. Joseph’s Day
Anniversary Year 2014

The first 12 Sisters of the Holy Redeemer from Germany to arrive in America landed on March 19, 1924 at Ellis Island, NY.

What does love look like?

It has the hands to help others.  It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy.  It has the eyes to see misery and want.  It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of humankind.  – St. Augustine of Hippo


This is a season of passages.

Jews passed from Egypt in

to the wilderness, toward freedom and a land of promise.  Jesus passed through the gates of Jerusalem, a hero shortly to be crucified.  Winter becomes brighter, until we must call it Spring.

And we are int he midst of each one of these passages.

We long for release from our particular bondage, whether that is in relationships, or from our past, or just from the pain we face each day.  With faith we move forward, taking the risk toward new life.

We feel triumphant and yet we know that there is a great mystery of death and new life.

And we are warmed by the sun and the days of longer light, our souls have been searching for this.

Dear God, we give thanks for passages, though we sometimes wish we could keep things the same.

We give thanks for the opportunities in risks and mysteries and your steadfast creation.

May we remember that in all our passages, you are with us.  You have called us.  You will sustain us.


Prayer for World Day for Consecrated Life

Radiant God, we offer you praise and thanks

for creating us and all of creation out of love.

You sent your Son, Jesus, as the Light of the World

to shine forth your goodness.  You call us, like Jesus,

to let our light shine by sharing our bread with the hungry

sheltering the homeless, clothing those in need,

and removing oppression from our midst.

Consecrate us through prayer and service.

May holiness shine forth from us

so that others may come to know and love you.

Bless our Church with men and women who dedicate

their lives to you through the consecrated life.

be a lamp to light our way now and always.



Send us your prayer intentions for which we will pray:



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